PUBG Corp revealed its timeline for improving PUBG's in-game sound in a dev letter published Monday.

The PUBG developer plans to begin the improvement process with two new features set to go live in the August update. The first will be an instant volume reducer to allow players to communicate during the loudest moments of the game without completely muting the game. The second will allow players to preview the loudest sounds in the game when selecting a volume level.

In September, PUBG Corp plans to raise the volume on footsteps, lower the volume of red zone explosions, expand the types of sounds caused when players land from a long drop, and improve the sound effects for ledge grabbing.

Beyond September, the developer will continue to improve sounds for gun firing, vehicles, indoor reverb and character animations in service of an overall sound volume rebalance.

"The ultimate goal of the plan is to deliver a better sounding environment that is in line with how players enjoy the game today," PUBG Corp employee Kyungwon Park wrote in the dev letter. "As always, we'll continue to constantly research new ways to improve the sound experience in the game and are always listening for your valuable feedback on this and other systems."

The full extent of the planned changes can be viewed in the dev letter, available here.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp