PUBG Corp Reverts Changes to 'Right-Side' Joystick for Console

Controller Support
Controller Support / Photo courtesy by PUBG Corp

PUBG announced an update to support changes for console players, an add-on to the recentPatch Notes of 11.2

A recent update released by PUBG adds changes to the console's right stick. The right stick on consoles will have a cursor enabled again.

PUBG Console Update Support

The small changes help console players navigate the menu better, "Good update! Can you try to introduce legacy updates for people in the future. So if you introduce something like this have a toggle option to allow players who are already familiar to the existing method" Twitter user Squantity comments. These changes affect the following consoles:

  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Stadia
Shooting Positions
Shooting Positions / Photo courtesy by PUBG Corp

Other improvements for consoles include combat controls. AIM (over the shoulder) and ADS can be maintained when holding LT (Xbox/Stadia), L2 (PS) while swapping seats and exiting a vehicle. Also, the response time for auto-run is 0.3 seconds to help reduce accidental activation when leaning around corners.

These small improvements will help players navigate through the players' inventory more easily in combat. Allowing split-second decisions while switching, dropping, and looting makes a difference in winning or losing the battles. With the new improvements, players will need to update the game to activate these features.

For more information check, visit the patch notes for PUBG.