PUBG Corp will fix a bug affecting spectating custom matches in the next PUBG Xbox update, scheduled for late August.

The PUBG Support Twitter account confirmed PUBG Corp was aware of the bug Friday afternoon, and shared the timeline for solving the problem.

The bug currently prevents players from spectating as the game's host after dying in a custom match. This leaves players looking at their corpse or forcing them to leave the game entirely.

PUBG Corp has yet to announce a fix for the "Lost Connection to Host" bug that has returned to plague the game since the introduction of the June 27 update. PUBG Corp acknowledged reports of the bug June 28, within hours of the update's application.

The last major PUBG Xbox update arrived July 30, bringing the BRDM-2 armored vehicle, the Deagle pistol, and the ledge grab system to live servers.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp