PUBG Corp to Test Skill-Based Matchmaking in North America

PUBG Corp will test skill-based matchmaking this week
PUBG Corp will test skill-based matchmaking this week /

PUBG Corp announced plans Tuesday to test skill-based matchmaking on North American PC servers.

With the test, PUBG Corp will experiment with placing players of similar skill levels together in the same matches. This may cause longer than usual queue times for the duration of the test.

The exact metrics by which the developer will determine skill levels remains unknown.

The test will be unrelated to any potential competitive mode or ranked systems, restricting its scope only to standard matchmaking.

PUBG Corp hopes this test will improve the overall PUBG experience at all skill levels, but implores players to provide feedback on the system.

"Your feedback is important," the developer wrote in an announcement. "As we collect data from our test, we will closely monitor player sentiment related to any changes in your experience. This test and your feedback will determine how and if we proceed with skill-based matchmaking in the future."

The test begins early Wednesday morning and ends Friday at 12:30 a.m. ET.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp