PUBG Cross Platform: Everything We Know

PUBG cross-platform play arrives in September
PUBG cross-platform play arrives in September /

PUBG cross platform play will soon be a reality, according to an announcement made Monday by PUBG Corp. Here's everything we know about the feature so far, from possible release date to included platforms.

PUBG Cross Platform: Release Date

Per the Monday announcement at the Inside Xbox Gamescom presentation, cross-platform play will arrive on PUBG public test servers in late September. An official date of arrival on the PTS has yet to be confirmed. A live server release date also remains under wraps.

During the presentation, PUBG Corp stated PUBG Xbox One players would be able to match up against PlayStation 4 players. Other platforms, including PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile, made no appearances during the presentation, indicating neither will be able to participating.

According to PUBG Xbox community manager Lumos, players won't be able to join squads across console lines. PUBG Xbox and PS4 players will only be able to play with one another by matching against each other in the queue.

PUBG Corp will likely share further details about PUBG cross-platform play as the release approaches.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp