PUBG Current Players: What's PUBG's Concurrent Player Count?

The PUBG current players number differs depending on when you take your look, and the number has resumed its downward trend in 2019. Here's how many players are logging on and playing PUBG at any given time.

PUBG Current Players: What's PUBG's Concurrent Player Count

According to Steam Charts, PUBG’s average concurrent player count began its decline in February 2018 after a peak average of nearly 1.6 million concurrent players. Those numbers dropped over the course of 2018, but were briefly bolstered in December 2018 and January 2019, when the game posted gains.

The decline has resumed again in February and January, though the rate of player losses is significantly slower than during 2018. Over the last 30 days, PUBG has averaged around 394,000 concurrent players. Meanwhile, its peak concurrents went as high as around 931,000.

While PUBG’s glory days appear all but ended, the game remains a PC gaming fixture.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp