PUBG Daily Player Count as Low as July 2017

PUBG's daily player count is as low as July 2017, which was the beginning of the rise of PUBG. PUBG released in March of 2017 and the summer was the perfect time for streamers to populate the game. The player base would peak over 3 million daily players at one point, but the rise of Fortnite and other Battle Royale games slowly bled PUBG.

However, even with all the different types of battle royales, and constant issues with PUBG, the player base alive and strong. A little over 594,000 people still play PUBG daily despite the game being two years old, a saturated market, and slower content roll outs compared to competitors.

The game will always have the nostalgia effect. When PUBG Corp decided to remaster Erangel, many streamers and players alike returned to the first popular battle royale. The game was glorious for a reason and yes, it was incredibly unpolished at launch, but that wasn't an issue until other games were released and showed off a better product.

It is also the game that tries to be realistic. Other games have shields, or armor that vastly change gameplay, while PUBG goes for a few bullets can kill your enemy. It's a different way to play the game and players are usually much more cautious. If you see an enemy first, you have a massive advantage, so it's all about angles, and listening for enemy movements.

When the game first released, many would describe a heart-pulsing end-game experience as you tried to find the last remaining players in a field of grass. That feeling will never go away and is the reason people keep coming back.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp