PUBG dev letter addressed the question of Battleground Points, often abbreviated BP. The letter explained both how players earn BP currently and how PUBG Corp plans to improve the system.

PUBG Dev Letter: Improvements Coming to Battlegrounds Points

According to the dev letter, BP is earned through a combination of reward for playtime, kills, damage inflicted and rank. Over time the average BP per account has risen markedly, from less than 5,000 per account to close to 20,000. To PUBG Corp, this indicated a lack of things on which players can spend BP.

As a result, PUBG Corp plans to add new and more expensive BP items. The first of these items will start to appear on PC in June, with no planned removal time. The developer is also experimenting with letting players spend BP to swap out Survivor pass missions.

Depending on how successful these changes are, PUBG Corp will continue to improve on the BP system.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp