New PUBG Map Teased on Social Media

One of the two teaser photos for the new map: Karakin.
One of the two teaser photos for the new map: Karakin. | PUBG Corp

A new PUBG map for players of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS might be on the horizon with PUBG Corp dropping yet another teaser in a tweet Monday. The teaser featured two photos, one of a desert village and one of an underground tunnel, along with the caption, "Swift and silent. Ever so deadly."

The teaser was followed up by another video posted from PUBG Japan's Twitter account debuting the name of the new map: Karakin.

According to early reports, the new map will be 2-x-2 in size, making it one of the smallest maps. The reported name coincides with what can be seen on the map labeled "Rakin Sea" on the wall in the second photo. The map is rumored to be replacing Vikendi, but PUBG Corp has not made a statement to that effect.

New PUBG Map: What to Expect from Karakin

Karakin will feature a destructible environment, which is a major first for the battle royal game. PUBG Corp experimented with destructable haybales on Erangel earlier in 2019, but the new map promises to have more for players to destroy than just crops.

Karakin will also have new black zones to complement the already infamous red zones on other maps. The new zone may be related to the underground tunnel network and could be anything ranging from flooding to cave-ins.

Team Deathmatch in PUBG?

With increasing speculation that PUBG will soon be adding a Team Deathmatch mode, the release of a new and smaller map could make it an ideal testing place later on in PUBG Labs.

While the existence of a Team Deathmatch game mode is still unsure, one thing is certain. The addition of a new map is about to make the PUBG experience even more exciting.