PUBG Duo Stays Alive After Taking on Two Other Duos

Moments like these leave you wondering how they happened
Moments like these leave you wondering how they happened / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

There are often times when playing PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS that will leave players scratching their heads wondering what happened. Sometimes these moments result in a trip back to the lobby or they get a team one step closer to getting a hot chicken dinner.

In this case, Redditor u/YEETdowns and his duo partner somehow get out of this weird situation.

After being knocked we find the YEETdowns and their duo partner pinned up against a large rock. The Redditor's teammate is still up and waiting for the right time to revive YEETdowns but what happens next consequently saves both of their lives.

While scanning the area, one bike and one car fly in from the side and through the forest both with duos in them. As they drive by YEETdowns teammate fires at them hoping to maybe dispatch one of the enemy duos but doesn't manage to do so. However, the bike duo parks behind a rock not far away and they get out to engage our duo pinned against the rocks. But instead of needing to engage them, the car containing the third duo crashes in the bike duo and proceeds to explode killing all four of them.

Not only did YEETdowns and their partner survive, there were four less enemies to deal with. This fight was definitely something you don't see everyday.