PUBG Easter Eggs: 5 Best Hidden Gems in PUBG

PUBG easter eggs are scattered throughout the game, and while nothing was added during this latest Easter or April Fool's Day, the game still has some hidden gems.

Here are the five best easter eggs in PUBG.

PUBG Easter Eggs

1. Miramar Mini-Map


This one can be find to get to unless you land there from the start. The map showcases the first prototype of Miramar and the stage names PUBG Corp had planned for the map. You can find the easter egg to the east of Los Leones. There are two islands, go to the bottom island, but the north section of the island. In one of the buildings is the map on a table.

2. I Hate School


On Erangel, the School was one of the first hot spots and became known as a death landing spot. PUBG Corp knows that and added an easter egg. At the Minas del Sur town, right above the "S," you'll find a cone with a sticky note with the phrase "I hate school."

3. Georgopol, WHATTTTT?


Miramar is a spanish-based map as Erangel was an Eastern European themed world. However, PUBG Corp gave a shoutout to the first map with a sign of Georgopol, which was a name of a city in the first one.

4. Scar Skin


Players who have played PUBG for a year receive a special skin for the SCAR, and it has a nice message on the back of the weapon. Players get a "#1" and a "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner."

5. El Pollo es Mio


You can find this graffiti around the map and it basically means "The Chicken is Mine" in Spanish. This is a reference to the "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" phrase that has become synonymous with the game.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp