PUBG Esports Clip Shows 'Flying Car' During Match

No matter how far along PUBG esports has come, there are still issues with the gameplay which may never be fixed. It's not uncommon for bugs to pop up in video games, even during tournaments, but the frequency of PUBG glitches is fairly high.

At least they're entertaining.

During the second day of semifinals, Alexander "CherryPoppins" Penner ran into the edge of a building, and instead of coming to a stop and being able to hop out and take control of the building, he went flying.

Literally, his car went flying in the air. PUBG is known for the crazy antics, but this took it to another level. Despite the bugs, PUBG is still a highly entertaining esport. The gun battles are realistic and the quality of play from the professionals is high. Let's just hope these type of plays don't always happen.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp