PUBG Failed to Get Token From Xbox is a pesky error that many have encountered during their PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS expeditions on console.

A thread popped up Tuesday on the PUBG Xbox Reddit questioning the cause of the problem. Thankfully, for those who have been looking for an answer, a solution might have been found.

Here's everything you need to know about the Failed to Get Token From Xbox error and it's possible solution.

PUBG Failed to Get Token From Xbox: What is it and How to Fix

Reddit user Salohaaa voiced their displeasure Tuesday with the pesky error. A PUBG Community Coordinator, u/PUBG_Andymh5, then responded to the thread claiming that the error was tied to live server maintenance.

The maintenance applied two hotfixes: one fixing players being put into incorrect regional matches, and one that locked Custom Matches to NA servers.

It's possible that Failed to Get Token From Xbox is tied to maintenance, at the very least in this occasion.

If one does encounter the error at a non-maintenance time, the best cause for action is to contact PUBG Support.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Xbox