PUBG Fan Makes Horror Movie Trailer In-Game

This fan-made PUBG horror film is inspiringly spooky
This fan-made PUBG horror film is inspiringly spooky /

PUBG can be plenty scary on its own, but this fan-made trailer turns tension to straight spookiness using in-game footage and some clever sound design.

PUBG subreddit user u/50Andrew posted their trailer to the subreddit Thursday, just in time for the scariest celebration in the U.S.

The video opens with a heartbeat. Then a gliding shot of Vikendi's trees against the night sky. A bass thud creeps into the soundtrack, counterpointed by some kind of sharp colliding noise. The imagery moves from abandoned classrooms and back to the forest before the first shot of a person appears: a man in a lion suit crouched over a death box, wielding a hatchet.

The trailer introduces new characters sparingly, relying on the power of its slow-moving imagery and soundtrack to suggest a horror worse than anything explicitly shown on-screen. It's classic horror movie strategy, and it works especially well given the limitations of filming in PUBG.

The clip ends with the same nighttime trees that began it, but this time a scream pierces the soundtrack.

All in all, it's an impressive piece of horror machinima.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp