PUBG Fantasy: PUBG Corp Celebrates April 1 with Fantasy Battle Royale Limited-Time Mode

PUBG's April Fools' Day celebration is Fantasy Battle Royale.
PUBG's April Fools' Day celebration is Fantasy Battle Royale. / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG will celebrate April Fools' Day with Fantasy Battle Royale, a class-based limited-time mode.

In Fantasy Battle Royale, 20 squads of four PUBG players each choose one of four classes and land on Dragon's Isle — a re-named Erangel — in third-person perspective. The first circle is displayed before players drop.

On the map itself, players will find class-specific crafting materials rather than weapons, ammo, throwables, boosts or equipment. They can use these crafting materials in their inventories to upgrade the equipment with which they start the match. Bandages will still be available.

Each class has its own equipment, stats and abilities:

  • Barbarians use a longsword and gain movement speed with each successful attack on an enemy. They can also produce Mega Energy Drinks that heal large amounts of HP over time.
  • Rangers wield crossbows that can fire multiple shots in succession. They make no noise when moving, and their Flash Powder grenades can blind enemies and decrease the damage allies receive.
  • Wizards deal damage by firing blasts from their wands, casting Fireball spells, or calling meteors from the sky, but have the lowest HP of any class.
  • Paladins can hurt and slow enemies, or heal allies with their Morningstars, and their shield can be used to knock enemies away. Paladins produce First Aid Kits and can toss Heal Bombs to create areas of healing that affect both allies and enemies. Paladins cannot grab ledges.

Only the motorcycle (or Noble Steed) and the UAZ (the Dragon Wagon) will spawn in Fantasy Battle Royale. Each sports limited-time art.

Care Packages drop more frequently and are marked on the map for all players. They are the only way to find Zircon, the crafting ingredient necessary to max out a piece of equipment. Opening a Care Package grants 30 seconds of invincibility.

Playing Fantasy Battle Royale will earn players gold, which can be spent to unlock event-exclusive cosmetics. There are two costume sets per class for players to earn, all of which can also be worn in normal PUBG.

In its announcement for Fantasy Battle Royale, PUBG Corp emphasized that developing the game mode was not resource intensive.

"We know that what we spend our time on is important to you, especially while some persistent issues remain unfixed right now," the developer wrote.

Fantasy Battle Royale runs April 1 to April 7.