PUBG Flare Gun Locations: Best Chance to find Flare Guns in PUBG

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp
Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp /

PUBG Flare Gun locations are anything but easy to pin down, especially considering the weapon only arrived in PUBG Xbox and PUBG PS4 on Tuesday. Here are your best bets on where to find flare guns.

PUBG Flare Gun Locations

The problem with recommending any one location as a place guaranteed to house a flare gun is that loot in PUBG is randomized. As with all the other weapons, items and vehicles in the game, the flare gun is spread randomly across the map.

Given only three populate per game on average, no matter where you look your chances of success are slim. Still, there are locations where a flare gun is perhaps more likely to spawn. Places that generally play home to high tier loot, such as military bases and the like, are good options for flare gun hunting because of their significant loot density.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp