PUBG Glider Arrives in PUBG Labs

PUBG's Motor Glider is available for a limited time
PUBG's Motor Glider is available for a limited time | PUBG Corp

PUBG PC received its first flying vehicle Friday when the Motor Glider arrived in PUBG Labs.

The Motor Glider can transport up to PUBG two players through the air, with one player piloting and the other shooting from the backseat. To take off, players must reach a speed of at least 65 kilometers per hour. At that speed they can can begin to pitch up with the 'S' key, then at 70 kmh they'll begin to take off automatically.

The Motor Glider's fuel burn rate is tied to its engine speed, with higher speeds using fuel more quickly. Players will be able to fly as high as they like, but the engine will lose power at higher altitudes.

The Motor Glider is only available in PUBG Labs for a limited time. Players have until early Monday morning to try out the vehicle in its limited-time mode, which they can access through PUBG's main menu.