PUBG Glitch Makes Player Drop Right Through Roof

Now you see me...
Now you see me... / Photo by PUBG Corp via u/snakeryder

This long standing glitch lets players drop through the roofs of multiple buildings.

PUBG has been experiencing some issues lately. Last week, PUBG Corp. released a console hotfix that addressed a number of glitches including players randomly losing loot. Friday night, NA server issues crippled the game across multiple platforms and persisted over the weekend.

The clip below shows a glitch that has been around for some time and is unlikely to be fixed anytime soon.

The "dirty glitch" was posted to the PUBG Console subreddit Monday by u/snakeryder. Things appear normal as the squad drops onto the ceiling and begins collecting some loot. Things get weird quickly, as the player watches their squadmate drop right through the roof.

The surprising part is that this glitch has been around for quite some time. Apparently this isn't the first, and likely won't be the last, time that a PUBG player has intangibly moved through a structure like he's Martian Manhunter.

In response, Reddit user u/Yaterbomb commented: "Been around since the beginning of time building not completely loaded all Play-Doh looking jump and you'll go down a floor. To be fair he tried to vault but you can do it pretty intentionally." It seems PUBG Corp. currently has bigger issues at hand than this situational glitch.