PUBG Global Championship 2019 Prize Pool Revealed

The PUBG Global Championship 2019 ended Sunday with a surprise prize pool. While PUBG Corp had a set prize pool from the start, the company incorporated crowdfunding measures through cosmetics built around the PGC. Players could buy in-game clothes and weapon skins supporting their favorite team or player and slowly increase the total prize pool

It's the same process you see for The International in Dota 2 or now the League of Legends World Championship.

While the prize pool was at $2 million, mere hours before the final map was played, PUBG Corp tweeted the total had risen to $6 million.

Gen.G won the tournament and took home $2.3 million. FaZe Clan took second place but was behind third place Four Angry Men when it came to winnings. Because of the pick-em challenge in-game, Four Angry Men received $1.4M while FaZe Clan only won $749,000.

If you would like to continue supporting teams, you have through Nov. 26 to keep purchasing PGC items. The money will continue to be shared with the prize pool until after Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp