PUBG Gun Tier List March 2020

PUBG Gun Tier List March 2020 features some changes from February
PUBG Gun Tier List March 2020 features some changes from February / Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

A PUBG gun tier list is important for anybody playing the game because it helps players decide which weapon is best to use in any situation. As the game changes and new updates are released, the best and worst weapons change accordingly, and here is the list of the best PUBG weapons heading into March 2020.

PUBG Gun Tier List March 2020


M249: This gun is supreme at mowing down enemies and clearing rooms as it has excellent bullet speed, range, mag size and packs a huge punch. It tops the list of weapons in PUBG as no gun is more efficient and reliable.

Groza: The Groza matches the AKM in damage but with a much greater fire rate. If you're able to grab a hold of this weapon at the end of a match, you're sure to win. This makes it the top AR in the game.

AWM: This bolt-action sniper rifle is the best long-ranged weapon in the game as it deals ridiculous damage which is tops in PUBG, and has the ability to take down enemies in only a couple shots. The rifle can take down any enemy with a quick pop in the head.


AKM: With its ability to blow out out huge damage and take down enemies in a short burst of shots in almost all ranges, this assault rifle is at the top of its class, only outmatched by the Groza.

M24: This sniper deals the third-most amount of damage in PUBG at 82 damage, and has a fantastic fire rate to go along with great range and bullet speed. It is a great option in any match to take down an enemy quickly.

Crossbow: The unique crossbow deals out the second highest damage in the game and can take out enemies in little to no shots. With its ability to instantly kill with a headshot, the crossbow is head and shoulders above most weapons in the game.


Kar98k: This gun picks enemies apart by dealing fatal damage and dropping enemies with crushing headshots, what puts it this low on the list is simply because it's the third best sniper in the game.

SLR: If one can master this gun, it becomes a dominant weapon in any match. Beyond it being tricky to control, the SLR has high damage, a great fire rate and solid bullet speed.

M16A4: Due to how easy it is to control and its ability to deal damage at most ranges, the M16A4 is a good weapon to come across anytime. The gun can deal crazy damage up close but isn't as efficient as some other guns in the game that are placed above this one.

All other weapons in the game should be overlooked if you can load up with any of the guns listed above.