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PUBG Hotfix for BRDM-2 Damage Arrives on PC

PUBG Corp added a hotfix to PUBG PC live servers Tuesday addressing a BRDM-2 bug among others.

A PUBG hotfix went live on PC servers Tuesday addressing a bug that caused players inside the new BRDM-2 vehicle to take damage when hitting destructible objects.

PUBG Corp added the BRDM-2 to test servers June 19 before deploying it to live servers June 26. The BRDM-2 is particularly designed to perform as a heavily armored vehicle, making the damage bug all the more frustrating for players.

Tuesday's hot fix applied three other fixes without forcing server downtime. Check out the full list of changes below:

  • Fixed a bug causing players inside the BRDM-2 to take damage when driving through destructible objects
  • Fixed a problem positioning the pan hitbox higher than intended
  • Fixed a visual problem causing High Waisted Shorts to overlap with some shirt skins
  • Temporarily removed the visually updated Erangel ghillie suit, which will be re-added when the Erangel visual remaster arrives on live servers

Players must restart Steam to apply the hotfix to their clients.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp