PUBG Kaymind: Kaymind Lands a Drive-By Kar98 Shot

PUBG Kaymind is one of the most popular streamers still playing PUBG and it shows when he makes plays like these. Shroud and Kaymind are one of the few players that still consistently play PUBG.

Fellas, this isn't a close up shot or of another enemy player driving right next to Kaymind and he lands a close up shot. This is a masterpiece.

PUBG Kaymind: Kaymind Lands a Drive-By Kar98 Shot

He notices he's getting shot from a building and decides to take a shot. As he's driving full speed, he switches seats, pulls out the Kar98, and lands a head shot through a window. He lands a shot through a freaken window!

PUBG as a whole, has done deceptively well over the past year. While Fortnite sales are still ahead of PUBG, Fortnite has lost sales in general while PUBG has stayed the same.

Photo courtesy of PUBG