PUBG Keyboard Layout: Best Way to Set Up

PUBG keyboard layout is important if you want the ideal hotkeys set up.

This is a promising layout with many in the community believing this is a powerful set up, but you want to set it up with your own preference.

Just because the best players use a certain layout doesn't mean it will work for you.

PUBG Keyboard Layout: Best Way to Set Up

Here is our version of a keyboard layout:

Healing Items

  • Use First Aid - [H]
  • Use Bandage - [Y]
  • Use Boost Item - [T]

Firing Mode

  • Toggle Firing Mode - [B] (Default

Zeroing Distance

  • Increase Zeroing - [Thumb Mouse Button 2]
  • Decrease Zeroing - [Thumb Mouse Button]


  • Peek Left - [Q] (Default)
  • Peek Right - [E] (Default)

Crouch and Prone

  • Toggle Crouch - [C] (Default)
  • Toggle Prone - [Z] (Default)

The rest can stay default, but it's important that you have decent finger spread and everything feels comfortable. Try out different set ups and if you have a mouse with even more buttons or special buttons, don't be afraid to use them!

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp