PUBG Leaks Hint at Potential New Weapons and Modes in 2020

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS dataminer PlayerIGN posted a new video Monday featuring a list of potential leaks coming next year.

PlayerIGN, a popular dataminer in the PUBG community, listed a load of new features in their latest video. Everything from new weapons, vehicles, game modes and more are in the video.

PUBG Leaks Hint at New Weapons and Modes Potentially in 2020

Here's a full list of leaks listed in the video:

  • New P90 Weapon
  • New FAMAS Weapon
  • New HK G3 Weapon
  • A new boat vehicle for Miramar
  • Team Deathmatch mode
  • 2 or 3 TDM maps to accompany the new mode
  • New C4 Explosive
  • New Claymore Explosive
  • New movement/animation system
  • Riot Shield to feature new movement system
  • Offline zombie training mode
  • Story mode which is a prequel to Erangel
  • Ranked and clan system

It seems PUBG Corp, if the leaks are real, is ramping up the content next year especially in the weapons department. A ranked/clan system would also be a welcomed feature for PUBG players looking to up the amount of competition in the game.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp