PUBG Lore Finally Revealed in Latest Update

PUBG lore had never been the focal point for the seminal battle royale shooter. However, PUBG Corporation surprised us with a beautifully crafted trailer finally giving us some story for the game.

PUBG Lore Finally Revealed

In 1965, a young boy becomes the only survivor of a bombing upon the island of Erangel. Forced to fend for himself, he grows and reflects about how being a survivor shaped him as a person. He becomes insanely rich, turning his war torn home into an arena to test people and make them reach their true potential. The man monitors people across the island on a huge multiscreen, before the iconic map of Erangel is revealed. He welcomes you to his "Battlegrounds", identifying himself as the eponymous Player Unknown.

Season 4 is the biggest update to the game yet, with major graphic and structural changes to seasonal content. The game will update in accordance to new seasons, and Season 4 is shaping up to be about the history of the island. Erangel gets updated buildings and graphics, and will feature connections about the island's past that we got a glimpse of in the trailer.

Update 4.1 is playable now on the test server, and will go live for everyone July 24.