PUBG Miramar: Miramar Received Much Needed Update

PUBG Miramar was the ugly stepchild of the PUBG map pool, but PUBG Corp made some necessary changes to make it more appealing.

The changes were added in Update 5.1.

PUBG Miramar: Miramar Received Much Needed Update

Miramar saw the addition of a vending machine, loot rebalances, and PUBG Corp even removed some unnecessary clutter around buildings to make looting and moving more smooth.

The real problem is the actual environment. Miramar is an expansive and bumpy map. It can be a real problem traveling from one side of the map to the other through the mountainous terrain. That has yet to be fixed, but adding new places to land and better loot should make Miramar bearable.

With the focus on the current rotation of maps for the past year or so, expect PUBG Corp to introduce a new map in the next few months.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp