PUBG Miramar Remake Release Date: When is it?

Before and After
Before and After / Photo courtesy by PUBG Corp

PUBG Corp announced a remake of the Miramar map.

Miramar has been part of PUBG since Patch 1.0 2017, and with the upcoming update 12.1, the map will be introduced at a larger remastered size. Many of the new features will include performance, graphical fidelity, topography, and lighting; Bringing an all-new experience on the battlefield.

Lighthouse / Photo courtesy by PUBG Corp

PUBG Miramar Remake Release Date: When is it?

Miramar's remake release date for PC is on June 2 and June 10 for consoles, Season 12 is part of the developer's plan to release two new 8x8 maps called Kiki and Tiger later this year. Kiki is a map with a diverse set of locations that include swamps, subways, skyscrapers, laboratories, and underwater buildings. Tiger map will be experimenting for the first time on PUBG, the ability to return back to the battlefield. A feature that is commonly known in other battle royale games.

Miramar remaster will introduce new weapons and vehicles. An ATV with a top speed of 68.3mph, exclusive to Miramar. The Lynx AMR is PUBG's first .50 caliber weapon, capable of taking down light vehicles in one shot and penetrating armored bullet-proof windows of the BRDM; the downside of the new rifle is the 5 armor-piercing rounds with no reloading.