PUBG Mobile Season 10 Brings New Skins

PUBG Mobile Season 10 has been announced and with it, a group of new skins.

PUBG Mobile revealed the name, Fury of the Wasteland, and release date for Season 10 and it's right around the corner.

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Brings New Skins

Starting Nov. 8, players can dive into the new season and try out all the content. The Battle Pass will have two version and will be bigger than previous seasons. Gamers can also purchase the Elite & Elite Plus passes for access to more in-game items by spending 600UC and 1800UC, respectively.

The developers decided to go with desert-themed weapons and clothing Even the Pan will get a desert-themed skin. There will be new parachutes, emotes, and avatar frames.

Photo courtesy of Tencent