PUBG Mobile is the last platform to not have the new Erangel update, but that's about to change. Tencent and PUBG Corp recently announced the news at the PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split Global Finals.

It seems PUBG Corp and now Tencent are set on bringing the same content to all platforms instead of just the PC and a slow trickle to the rest.

PUBG Mobile to Receive Erangel Update

This is more than just a graphical update, the overall feeling and theme of Erangel has evolved. As well as some Blue Zone changes that were tested on PC and will be tested on Mobile.

  • Blue Zone timings are faster throughout the match.
  • Blue Zone delay is reduced in the earlier phase.
  • Size of the safe zone is reduced in the earlier phase.
  • Blue Zone speed is reduced in the early & middle phases.
  • Blue Zone damage is slightly increased in the later phase.
  • Blue Zone delay is reduced in the last phase.

The map itself feels more like a post-war land that was abandoned after the chaos. Before, it felt more like a nuclear bomb testing site. There were buildings, but none of it looked lived in. Now, the island feels alive and nature has slowly crept over parts of the map.

PUBG Corp and Tencent have not revealed a date for the launch, but simple specified a future patch.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp