PUBG Motorcycle Crash Goes From Bad to Worse

This PUBG crash has to be seen
This PUBG crash has to be seen /

Every so often PUBG provides its players with a spectacle so over the top and ridiculous it's a wonder it isn't scripted. This clip from Reddit user u/wazups2x is just such a spectacle.

While speeding across the fields of Erangel on a motorcycle, wazups2x loses sight of just how close to the cliffs they're driving. Unable to stop the bike in time, the PUBG player flies off the side of the map onto the rocks below.

Thudding onto the ground and taking a big hit of damage, for the moment it seems the misfortune will end there. Instead, they're motorcycle finishes flying and whacks them in the head, knocking them down. An instant later, the motorcycle twitches against the geometry and, in classic PUBG fashion, explodes, killing them.

The timing is so comical it has to be seen, so be sure to check out the clip itself above to view it with wazups2x's reactions.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp