PUBG Mysteries Unknown Clip Hints at New Map

New Youtube clip from PUBG Corp hints at new content in an odd way
New Youtube clip from PUBG Corp hints at new content in an odd way / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS developers have begun to develop a lore surrounding the popular battle royale game. The most recent PUBG Mysteries Unknown clip mentions the name of a place that could be the next map.

Here is what the PUBG Mysteries Unknown-Paramo clip revealed.

Is Paramo the New PUBG Map?

In the Twilight Zone esque clip, a scientist is on the search for a mysterious place where people never grew old, perhaps through the use of the fabled Fountain of Youth. The narrator says the story is filled with "madness and obsession, corporate espionage and one very very large rock." While most of these details mean nothing, for the time being, there are several pieces of the clip that players should keep in mind.

The place that is described in the clip is labeled as Paramo which could be the new PUBG map. Additionally, when the narrator mentions "corporate espionage," the name Tythonic Industries appears on the screen. No details regarding this company have been revealed but there is a high chance it will show up in the game. Lastly, the Fountain of Youth is mentioned which could play a role in gameplay. The Fountain of Youth is said to restore the youth of people who could perhaps revive dead players.

PUBG Corp continues to find creative ways to tease new content so make sure to check the official PUBG YouTube channel for more updates.