PUBG Nintendo Switch has been a dream for many Nintendo Switch owners since the game's explosive launch in 2017. The game's brutally violent content makes it seem unlikely a port is on the way, but Nintendo has somewhat relaxed its infamously kid-sensitive controlling sensibilities in recent years. Could PUBG slip through those cracks in the system?

PUBG Nintendo Switch: Is it Available?

PUBG is not currently available on the Nintendo Switch, though it can be found on all three of the other major gaming platforms: PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PS4 was the last of the three to see the game release on its platform because of a timed exclusivity deal between PUBG Corp and Microsoft.

Neither Nintendo nor anyone on the PUBG Corp side of things has signaled that a Nintendo Switch version of the game is on the way. While there could be any number of reasons for that, one clear from the outside is hardware limitations. PUBG continues to chug along even on a console as powerful as the Xbox One X. It's unlikely the Nintendo Switch could run the game well at all.

For now, a Nintendo Switch port of PUBG remains unrealized.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp