PUBG PC Update 4.2 Gameplay Changes

PUBG PC Update 4.2 patch notes were released Wednesday with the patch going live on the test server.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS players were treated to many gameplay updates in the second Season 4 patch. Additionally, new changes including an Overcast weather theme and more destructible objects were added to Erangel.

Here's a full list of the gameplay changes added in PUBG PC Update 4.2.

PUBG PC Update 4.2 Adds Loads of New Gameplay Features and Fixes

Vehicle Handling Improvements

  • Improved vehicle handling of the scooter, snowmobile, snowbike and motorcycle with sidecar, thus improving overall driving stability
  • Motorcycle with sidecar off-road driving control and stability has been greatly improved

Altered Blue Zone Edge Visual Effect

  • To improve the gameplay experience, the rolling shimmer effect seen while at the edge of the Blue Zone will no-longer be seen at the center of the screen where the player is aiming

Improved Visibility of Reticles Against Bright Backgrounds

  • Visibility of all sight and scope reticles against bright backgrounds (such as Vikendi snowfields) has been slightly improved

Throwables Friction Adjustment

  • Adjusted the friction force of throwables to make rolling movement more consistent and predictable
  • Smoke grenades' friction force has been increased to slow rolling speed and cause them to roll a shorter distance after impacting surfaces
  • Stun and frag grenades' friction force has been decreased to speed up the rolling speed and increase distance they can travel after impacting surfaces

Vehicle Engine Toggle

  • Vehicle engines can now be turned off/on with the 'Z' key
  • The engine can be turned off while driving, after gaining momentum and can be used for quiet tactical maneuvers
  • Once the engine is off, pressing 'W' to accelerate or 'Z' will start the engine again
  • Vehicle engines will automatically be turned off if the vehicle stays at a standstill for eight seconds, or two seconds after the driver disembarks

Sound QoL Improvements

  • Added master volume preview
  • Added Instant Volume Reducer

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp