PUBG Performance Improvements Added During Maintenance

PUBG PC received performance improvements Tuesday night
PUBG PC received performance improvements Tuesday night /

PUBG Corp introduced performance improvements to PUBG PC servers during maintenance that took place Tuesday.

The maintenance, which the official PUBG Support Twitter account announced Tuesday evening, lasted for its projected four hours. That same account declared the end of maintenance just before midnight ET Tuesday.

PUBG Corp introduced the performance improvements to mitigate frame rate drops during gameplay.

PUBG PC's last major update, Update 4.2, arrived on live servers Aug. 14. The update added vehicle handling improvements, dynamic weather and destructible objects for the newly remastered Erangel, a slew of quality of life improvements, and HOT TIME, a period in which co-op mission progress is accelerated for all players.

PUBG Update 4.2 arrived on consoles Aug. 27 bringing many of the same improvements. With its introduction, PUBG Corp has continued to narrow the gap between the PC and console releases of major updates to the game.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp