PUBG Player Attempts an Epic Drive-by on a Snowmobile

There's nothing sweeter than pulling off a stylish play in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, clipping it and posting your glory on the internet.

Although, sometimes failure ends up being a better clip as apparent by this video from Reddit user HarviesGG.

Check out this hilarious clip from a PUBG game on Vikendi.

PUBG Player Attempts an Epic Drive-by on a Snowmobile

HarviesGG is traversing the snow covered map on the Vikendi exclusive snowmobile when he finds another player also on a snowmobile.

As HarviesGG approaches the enemy snowmobile rider, they attempt to switch seats while the snowmobile is in motion to pull off a drive-by kill. What ends up happening is hilarity ensues.

After switching seats, the snowmobile loses balance and ends up falling over resulting in HarviesGG getting tossed off and dying. Faster than one would think, HarviesGG leaves the lobby waiting hoping no one noticed the mishap.

Photo courtesy of u/HarviesGG