PUBG Player Causes Streamer to Freak

A PUBG player posted a sequence where he kills multiple enemies with low health before he finds the clip from the streamer's point of view. Needless to say, the streamer seems like a complainer.

It starts with the streamer complaining that someone would just randomly roll up on his duo, probably complaining about some stream snipers. Then the player shows his point of view in the lower right corner of the video. His duo were cruising past on a motorcycle when they get shot at by a third duo and end up crashing into a tree.

They hop off and do battle with the third duo. The player's partner gets k nocked down and eventually killed by the streamer while he ends up killing the initial duo. All that is left is a the streamer, his partner, and the man of the hour. He's low behind a rock trying to heal as the streamer and his friend start throwing grenades and moving on the spot. The player gets a heal off and moves down the hill toward the streamer. JeridJer sees the enemy player first, whiffs his shot and our hero quickly destroys JeridJer. The streamer quickly complains about how quickly he died and his partner moves around the rock to take the player from behind, but doesn't see him. The player kills him as well.

That's when JeridJer hints that our hero could have been cheating. Which is highly unlikely if you watch his spray patterns in the first half of the fight.

Just goes to show, not everyone is meant to stream.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp