PUBG Player Channels His Inner Kobe With This Long-Range Grenade

Sometimes you just have to let it fly.
Sometimes you just have to let it fly. / Photo by PUBG Corp.

Nothing beats yelling "Kobe!" when throwing a cross-map grenade and actually getting a kill with it.

PUBG players have been getting all sorts of absurd highlights lately. One player got an unexpected kill while maneuvering their bike, and another hit one of the longest crossbow shots you'll ever see. Now, blind-throwing a grenade from deep isn't anything particularly new, but it just never gets old.

In a post accurately titled "Kobe!!!", user u/raisenbred shared this insane clip on the PUBG console subreddit Sunday. The clip begins innocently enough. The player, perched on a hill, is attempting to snipe an enemy. The enemy isn't behind much cover, but the player can't manage to connect on any of their shots.

Eventually, as many players do, this player abandons sniping altogether. They pull out their grenade and begin to line up a shot. This is silly. The enemy isn't near any other players, so there's no way a grenade lobbed from this far is going to eliminate anyone ... right?

Wrong, the grenade manages to eliminate the one enemy that the player was attempting to snipe. The only thing this clip is missing is the POV of the enemy, because its remarkable that they weren't able t

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