PUBG Player Clutches 1-v-6 to Win Match

This PUBG player hid in a bush to find a 6-v-1 win
This PUBG player hid in a bush to find a 6-v-1 win / PUBG Corp, via u/barronlroth

Contrary to what some players believe, in PUBG, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. This clip shows the truth in that sentiment, as one player manages to survive a 6-v-1 scenario with nothing but his wits.

The clip, posted to the PUBG console subreddit Monday by u/barronlroth, begins with their teammate rick4934 hiding in a bush in the very late game on Karakin. Just up the hill from him a team of three player runs back and forth taking shots at a second team just out of sight.

Rick4934 stands as still as possible, allowing the team he can see to take the heat from the second team. Eventually the hill team pushes the other, giving rick4934 the chance to take out his throwable explosives.

The hill team returns victorious, now searching for rick4934, who hides mere meters away from them. As they retake the hill, he tosses his explosive up in their direction. It explodes, instantly knocking one of the remaining three players. The other two turn in the direction of the explosion, giving rick4934 the chance to sneak up behind them, and he tears out of the brush firing his M416, knocking down one player and then the next to win the match.

Although his aim was impressive, rick4934's defining quality was his cool head. Without it, he never would have lived to claim the chicken dinner.