PUBG Player Clutches Victory Against All Odds

This one felt good.
This one felt good. | Photo by PUBG Corp.

Multiplayer victories scarcely feel better than legitimately clutching a win in a battle royale, especially PUBG. This player defies the odds for an intense clutch victory.

In this clip, posted to the PUBG console subreddit Sunday by u/mcduff0192, this player and their squad are looking at a likely second-place finish. With only two members of the squad left and six other players left in the game, things are looking grim. Despite the odds, the player goes on an absolute tear with an SMG — eliminating enemies from a considerable distance.

The weapon choice is one of two remarkable aspects of this clip. All the enemies the player takes down are fairly far off. It's incredible that none of them managed to down the player, considering they likely had weapons with better range.

Another factor that makes this clutch clip so special is the fact that, mostly, the player is operating in the open. At one point they dip behind a rock to revive their teammate, but, besides that, they are generally a sitting duck for these aim-deficient enemies.

Players with this type of skill might want to check out PUBG's new LTM, Faction Warmode. Faction Warmode is an 8v8 deathmatch-style mode. It will be available until Sep. 7.