PUBG Player Designs Perfect Bridge Trap

This PUBG player set a devious trap
This PUBG player set a devious trap / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Victory in PUBG comes as often to the mechanically gifted as it does to the tactical geniuses. You can be the best shot in the world, but the right trap will beat you every time.

This video, posted to the PUBG subreddit Saturday by u/Nitesen, shows off a particularly devious trap they used to take control of one of Erangel's major bridges.

These bridges, the site of many a classic PUBG moment, span the divide between the military base and Erangel's mainland. The volume of high value loot crossing the bridges each match makes it a popular destination for vultures.

Nitesen's trap is particularly devious, providing players a choice between driving over a spike strip or a clump of gas cans. In the clip, the driving player opts for the gas cans — allowing Nitesen to shoot a single bullet into the cans and instantly incinerate them in style.