PUBG Player Discovers In-Game Dance Party

A brief PUBG disco was captured in this clip.
A brief PUBG disco was captured in this clip. / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS may advertise itself as the ultimate life and death fight, but every once in a while a little silly side shines through all the dark posturing. At its core, PUBG is a silly game.

That silliness appears in full force in this clip, posted to the PUBG subreddit Saturday by u/EnormousEarl_Youtube. In the midst of a firefight at Hacienda del Patrón on Miramar, EnormousEarl_YouTube heard music coming from a nearby room.

Rather than try to save their teammate who had just been downed, EnormousEarl_YouTube went to investigate. They opened a door to a small side room and came face to face with blasting disco. They tried to peek inside the room, but a man in underwear and a gas mask closed the door before they could.

To signal they were friendly, EnormousEarl_YouTube did their guitar-playing emote. The gas mask-wearing man reappeared in the doorway and danced back, and EnormousEarl_YouTube took the opportunity to go inside.

In the room they found two more players dancing in nothing but their underwear. EnormousEarl_YouTube joined in immediately, taking off their clothes and dancing along with them.

Then, out of nowhere, a Molotov cocktail exploded in the room, lighting them all on fire and killing them. It was truly a disco inferno (sorry).