PUBG Player Drops Loot to Teammate Using a Glider

A PUBG player used the new Motor Glider to deliver healing items to his friend and dropped it without stopping.

The Motor Glider was a surprising addition to the game which stays rather grounded when it comes to content. It's rather balanced as it's easily destroyed, doesn't have much gas, and can't get extremely high off the ground. It's a great way to make it to the zone or like in this case, save your friend with an airdrop of healing items.

The actual mechanics of the Motor Glider are still being learned, and Redditor vinsidious_ found out players could drop items to teammates below. The physics seems to be a bit off as the items don't float or fall from the sky. They simply appear on the ground where the player dropped the items from his inventory.

PUBG only recently added this flying apparatus, so there will be some funky mechanisms when it comes to interacting with it. That would include dropping things from your inventory to the ground.

It should only be a matter of time before a we see more creative videos when it comes to the new Sticky Bombs or Black Zone.