PUBG Player Earns Drive-By Pan Kill

A PUBG player earned an epic drive-by pan kill and posted the clip on Reddit.

PUBG now has a mechanic where you can throw pans. Watch the glorious shot.

PUBG Player Earns Drive-By Pan Kill

PUBG has added many things in 2019 with the introduction of an improved Erangel and now patch 5.1 brought the throwable weapons.

PUBG players can now stack melee weapons in their inventories before throwing them at enemies to deal damage. Machetes, crowbars and sickles can be thrown up to 40 meters with damage ranging from 75 to 25 based on distance — the shorter the distance, the more damage dealt. The pan is unique in that it can only be thrown 30 meters and deals 90 to 40 damage.

Update 5.1 also made the Win94 exclusive to Miramar even as it added a built-in 2.7x scope to its upper rail. PUBG Corp added a pair of changes to Erangel, disabling red zones after Phase 3 and upping vehicle spawn rates on regular and mountain roads.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp