PUBG Player Executes the Enemy With a Pan

A PUBG player posted his execution of an unsuspecting enemy player. He had the chance to shoot him in the ass as the enemy player was laying on the ground oblivious to his presence.

Instead, he went with the pan kill.

We've all been in this situation. The opponent has no idea you're there and is standing completely still, but you still end up missing. You potato and end up dying in the process.

The thought of embarrassing yourself if petrifying, but you can always do what  MegatonDeathclaws does: whip out your pan and beat the guy to death.

There is no chance at missing and if you end up dying, you can laugh it off and say you were going for a clip.

As for PUBG in general, the game recently introduced the remastered version of Erangel on console. As time goes on, the console and PC versions of the game continue to climb closer together. While the PC has a few more cosmetics, they're coming to the console soon!

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp