PUBG Player Gets the Most Satisfying Double Kill

Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Gamers live for moments where they can get an awesome clip to showcase and brag about to friends. It is moments like these, that make the countless hours playing and grinding away to get good at a game worth wild.

In a short not even 30 second clip, you will understand why a moment like this is what gamers hold near and dear to their hearts.

In the 15 second clip captured and posted to Reddit by Itsmikebrown94, it showcased a purely enjoyable moment for all watching, expect for the players that were killed. In the video Itsmikebrown94 is running up a hill, when all of a sudden an enemy vehicle is driving on the road just up ahead.

With a grenade in hand, Itsmikebrown94 waits for the right moment to throw it at the jeep. Once the vehicle was at a good distance they let the grande fly, and it actually ends up downing one of the two opponents. For the second enemy, Itsmikebrown94 begins to fire their primary weapon at the jeep as the remaining enemy tries to serve around and escape.

The opponents efforts were in vain though, as they too quickly met their end. It is safe to say that moments like that are enough to keep anybody playing any game, especially PUBG.