PUBG Player Hits Aimbot Shots to Win Game

This PUBG player hit a pair of graceful shots to win their game
This PUBG player hit a pair of graceful shots to win their game /

Sometimes, human players make it look even easier than aimbots.

This clip from PUBG player u/AngeloMonharti is a perfect illustration of that phenomenon. Wielding the high-powered M24 sniper rifle, AngeloMonharti found themself in an uneven battle, with a duo facing them down in the final circle.

AngeloMonharti starts to case the circle in search of the enemies when bullets tear the air just beside them. AngeloMonharti ducks behind a tree for cover. They peek out for just an instant to find one of two enemies standing out in the open, and in the same smooth movement AngeloMonharti aligns their cursor with the enemies forehead and pulls the trigger, looking for all the world like a robot with target-locking capabilities.

The enemy drops instantly. AngeloMonharti sprints out into the open, hoping to capitalize on this first advantage and draw out the second enemy. Then they stop short, spotting a speck of head poking out above a rock and, just as before, aim, align and fire in a single gliding action. Two shots, two kills, one win, just like that.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp, via u/AngeloMonharti