PUBG Player Hits Once-In-A-Lifetime Grenade

This PUBG player hit a once-in-a-lifetime grenade throw
This PUBG player hit a once-in-a-lifetime grenade throw /

Proud PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS players don't like to admit it, but a great deal of what determines the best player in any given match comes down to luck. Who lands where, what they find, what routes their opponents take into the next circle. While that random chance is often obfuscated, every once in a while it rears its fearsome head.

In this clip from u/TaciturnDan, that random chance is inescapable. It's as if God Himself stepped down and guided the events of the clip such that PUBG Reddit could have a new object of worship.

In a final showdown, players elMoco and DanSGH were ready to fight out a 2-v-1 against their last surviving opponent, kabece. They had numbers and high ground on their side, but none of that mattered in the end.

Unaware of where their enemy stood, elMoco decided to throw a blind grenade in the most likely direction. The grenade left their hand and sailed through the air, bounced once off the mountainside, and jump right into the one small window behind which crouched kabece.

The grenade instantly went off, launching kabece out the window and instantly killing them. Their death sealed the victory for elMoco and friend. Truly, fate smiled on that little green pineapple.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp