PUBG Player Infiltrates Enemy Vehicle for a Stealthy Kill

This PUBG player snuck into an enemy truck.
This PUBG player snuck into an enemy truck. / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG solos are the most dangerous mode in the game because players have no one to help watch their backs. This opens them up to the kind of stealthy outplays that get them clipped for Reddit.

This clip, posted to the PUBG subreddit Friday by u/call-me-smack, is the apotheosis of stealthy PUBG murder. It also doubles as some hilariously understated comedy.

Call-me-smack begins the clip hiding prone behind an empty Zima waiting for some poor sap to take the bait. Eventually one does, hopping into truck's driver's seat. Call-me-smack hops in on the passenger's side, then jumps to the back seat behind the driver, staying hidden.

The two cruise along for a while, and another player shoots at their truck as they go by, but things are largely peaceful. That is, until call-me-smack takes out a frying pan and duffs the driver, killing them instantly. The little "dink" of the skillet making contact with their skull is a kind of perfect deadpan, making for an all-around excellent bit of PUBG humor.