PUBG Player Killed by an Enemy Glitched in a Rock

PUBG: Glitched in a rock.
PUBG: Glitched in a rock. / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Just got killed with an assault rifle but no one is nearby? Maybe they're hiding in a rock. Glitches still happen in PlayerUnknown's BattleGround and it's a reoccurring annoyance to the game.

With the game coming to a close, winning the game is always the end goal but the priority for Redditor u/WarmAssHug was to get into the circle. Unlucky for him, PUBG player u/DROSE25BULLS was glitched in a rock.

PUBG: Killed by a Player Glitched in a Rock

Confused by the first few shots, Redditor u/WarmAssHug hides behind the rock and looks around thinking a player nearby has spotted their position. Instead, the player's opponent was right infront of them, in the rock. Soon, u/WarmAssHug is shot dead by a M416, confused and annoyed.

Redditor u/WarmAssHug spectates the opponent to see their position and to their surprise saw them hiding in a rock, able to move and shoot. Whether it was a hack or glitch, comments have said both and Redditor u/WarmAssHug also reported the player for hacking as they did also win a game. If it was a glitch, the most likely outcome would be that the player dies of the 'storm' as they are outside the circle and cannot leave the rock.

Other PUBG players also commented saying they have experienced other glitches or hacks. Their comments describe the act as unfair and that it ruins the game and its enjoyment. Being a victim of a glitch is one issue but exploiting a glitch or hacking is just wrong.