PUBG Player Lands 622m Headshot on Biker

Leading fast moving players is the best way to secure a kill
Leading fast moving players is the best way to secure a kill / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

In order to land shots on moving players, it is essential to lead the target. Predicting where the target will be before every shot will allow you to kill players who are even riding in a car or bike.

Watch Redditor and Twitch streamer u/Shocknomadic land a long sniper shot from over 600 meters away.

Equipped with a Mini14, which is one of the worst DMR weapons in the game, u/Shocknomadic finds an opposing player racing across the map on a bike. After landing several shots as the player drove by, instead of letting the kill go, the Redditor committed.

As the biker sped away into the distance, possibly hoping to find some cover, Shocknomadic lines up the less than adequate 4x scope, and fires several more shots. At the distance that the biker is, and how fast they were moving, it became even harder to lead the bike. However, after firing several shots at what seemed to be the general direction of the player, Shocknomadic manages to knock the biker from a stunning distance of 622 meters.

Predicting shots and movement is one of the harder skills to obtain in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. But when players master leading the enemy, their win rates are bound to increase.